stefan smiling
Meet Stefan. We will be referring to him for practical examples when using the SETT framework to complete an AAC assessment.

The referral paperwork tells us that Stefan is a 5-year old boy who attends a mainstream school. He has Cerebral Palsy that affects all four limbs and his speech which is very dysarthric. He can be defined as having ‘Complex Communication Needs’ (CCN). Stefan uses signs to communicate, but these are affected by his physical difficulties and only one or two other people at school can understand him. He is able to indicate a yes and a no by looking up and down. He also uses an E-Tran frame but only one person in the school is confident using this with him.

Stefan uses a wheelchair when at home and at school. It has specialist seating to support his posture.

According to the referral, Stefan has problems with his attention across a range of activities and seems to have problems with his memory.

He loves playing simple card games, although he needs help to do this, and is restricted to using his yes/no response. He also loves bubbles and the Mr Potato Head game.

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