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  • Level 3 - Plan for Progression

    • boy in a libraryGlossary items will continue to be added over time.  The list will include vocabulary linked to Assistive Technology, Speech, Language, Literacy and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Evaluating success

  • Evaluating success

    • Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMS AAC) is an outcome measure used by professionals to measure the impact of their interventions. Based on the World Health Organisation’s International Classifi cation of Functioning, Disability and Health (WHO ICF, 2001), a professional administers TOM before and after an individual’s intervention.

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      The delivery and measurement of the outcomes associated with speech and language therapy is an essential component of delivering effective and high-quality services.

      Here you will find resources about outcome measurement, including information about the role of outcome measurement in speech and language therapy and the RCSLT Outcomes Programme.

    • GAS offers a number of potential advantages as an outcome measure for rehabilitation. As goal-setting is already a part of routine clinical practice in many centres

    • Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) is an option that can be used as a means of measuring outcome data from different contexts set out on a 5 point scale of -2 to +2. It enables the data to be placed on a quantitative measurement scale thus tackling the problem of how to adequately identify and measure qualitative goal impact and attainment. This is very useful as it enables a linking of measures from the frontline to upper levels of an organization’s management.