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UNICEF - For every child, a voice

We would like to acknowledge that these training modules have been developed in partnership with UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (ECARO), UNICEF Country Offices from Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia and national counterparts. Global Symbols and UNICEF would like to thank all the expert contributors.


Deepa Grover, BP Panwar, Aleksandra Jovic and Silvia Sanchez Rojas

UNICEF Croatia

Melani Markovic and Mirjana Bijelić


Jelena Zajeganovic and Dragana Koruga

UNICEF Montenegro

Ivana Cekovic and Maja Kovacevic



University of Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences:

  • Jasmina Ivšac Pavliša
  • Ana-Marija Bohaćek
  • Renata Pinjatela
  • Monika Rosandić
  • Ines Rodić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing:

  • Matea Žilak
  • Željka Car
  • Tamara Kocet


Mirjana Lazor, Snezana Ilic, Nevena Ivkovic and Peter Tot


Tamara Milic, Anita Maric, Ivana Cekovic and Maja Kovacevic

United Kingdom

David Banes, Charlie Danger, E.A. Draffan, Russell Newman and Dana Lawand (Lebanon)

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Media files

Thanks must also go to all those who shared their videos about AAC on YouTube and the photographers who uploaded images to Pixabay with an open licence. We are also indebted to colleagues working with AbleNet and the Prentke Romich Company (PRC) as well as Chris McDonald (Picseepal) who provided images of AAC users and the ARASAAC, Tawasol, Jellow, Bliss and Mulberry symbol set owners for using creative commons licences.